Friday, January 14, 2022

Happy New Year...Trying Not To Worry

My mother called me a "Worry Wort" decades ago...When I figured out that wort is a barley/hops tea before it's allowed to ferment, I felt much better about this particular criticism. I leave the brewing and fermentation tasks to my old buddy Kenny and his crew down at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico. I pay full price for his product and consume at least one a day. I've figured out the wort part but, I haven't been able to shake the worry. Some days the 'worry cloud' hovers directly above me and I have a hard time shaking it. I worry about the business gamble I entered into nearly 30 years ago, I worry about my offspring and I worry about my incredible soulmate of forty-six years. Fermentation of the brain is not the answer...I remind myself to appreciate the incredible experiences and phenomenal health I've been blessed with over the last 72 years. The sun is coming up every morning and water is still the healthiest drink that I enjoy each day... I take my vitamins, give out hugs and laugh about the funny little incidents that happen every day. I think we're going to be good in my 96 year old friend Jack W says, "You just have to keep moving forward."

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Time To Shift Gears

I don't think I am over-reacting here but I am saddened by so many events that have launched in to our life's path over the last three years. I should just be thankful for the previous thirty years of peace and regularity (not to mention, excellent luck). I am not going to list these events here, believe me they have piled on. From this point forward we need to 'accentuate the positive'. Bicycle riding may be our best therapy. I have recently been reminded about how good it feels to do some regular foot-twiddling. Less standing on concrete and asphalt and more standing on the pedals and climbing in non-charred forests. Yeah, it's time to get serious about selling our business, I'm going to the professionals for consultations on this matter. I own the building, the inventory and the good name. We'll see what we can do to maximize our saddle time during our 'older years'.

Friday, October 29, 2021

For What It's Worth...

I'm thinking that people just need things to look forward to. Could be something big...a trip to Tahiti, a new truck or a bicycle. So, I gave myself a new bicycle. Last year I gave myself a new truck. We are a material society, we Americans... and we need to be entertained. Twenty years ago I took my family to Tahiti. Somehow, I think we have to moderate our American consumptive behavoirs but, I don't think we will. A very high percentage of the peoples on this planet can't even imagine this material lifestyle (that we take for granted) here in North America. We are not going to change unless we have to...and even then we'll be kicking and screaming like spoiled children. Yes, we are spoiled children. Six percent of the world's population and our impact on the life systems of this planet are way out of proportion when you consider that 70% of the earth's population is merely trying to survive from day to day, year to year. I'm thinking that this Swedish child, Greta Thunberg is absolutely on target. Large sweeping changes in our behavoirs are needed if our environment is going to improve over the coming years. All these kids want is something to look forward to, simple things like clean air, pure water and far fewer cancers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

I Have Long Striven To Go Lightly

...Ever since my Mercury Meteor caught fire the last time and died in Fresno, Ca. Say, 1972, nearly fifty years ago. The Oil embargo and resulting gas shortages of '72 also help encourage me to stop participating in the 'Gas up and go' lifestyle. My bicycle was my best friend and I could go anywhere on a hearty lunch and a good attitude. I practiced 'carlessness for nearly 15 years...moving from a lowland college town to a mile high mountain town necessitated getting back into the motoring culture that most Californians practiced. You had to gather firewood and drive through snowy winters just to survive. Eventually we accepted a hand-me-down TV and bought cell phones. Now I own two motor vehicles and forced-air heating. Yet, I still strive to lessen my impacts on the planet and my fellow citizens. The bicycle is still key and I have invested my life's work into encouraging as many people as possible to ride one to work and for the 'health of it". Bicycle materialism can become excessive but the impacts are far less than the purchase of a motorboat and a Polaris swamp buggy or a snow machine. Ah America!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What Are We Going To Do About It...Lifestyle Change?

Wow, the 'Summer from Hell' has blown through our region. The Dixie Fire. We've lost villages and towns and the green oasis that always identified our area as the incredibly unique refuge from the dryness that surrounds us. As far as we know, our water quality has not been compromised in Chester. Our beautiful bicycle rides and most of our life-giving/breathing evergreen trees are gone. Our swimming-hole beaches are all covered with ash. The smoldering hills around us have seriously degraded our air quality. However, we persist...moving on with a new state of mind and a renewed awareness that this thing, Climate Change...Global Weirding, is a thing. So, what are we going to do about it? We've known about it for thirty years but, do we drive less? Probably not (We do get better gas mileage than we used to). Do we fly less frequently? I still commonly hear stories of friends and relatives attending 6th grade graduations 3,000 miles away. Do we make fewer demands on the electrical grid by tolerating temperatures above and below 72 degrees to a greater degree than we did last century? Of course not, we continue to pamper ourselves, and employ whatever means necessary to keep us relevant and in-the-know. Climate be damned!

Friday, May 21, 2021

My Understanding Of Good And Bad, Right And Just....Gone Askew!

Reality is subjective. I am discovering that the framework within which I operate, my perception of right and true is definitely askew. Honesty and integrity have always been at the top of my ideals. I somehow thought that might be true for the majority of my fellow Americans. Ha! As a cyclist, I understand that I am vulnerable...just because there is a traffic control (a stop sign) designed to keep me safe, to keep us all safe, that doesn't mean that vehicles much larger, therefore more impactful, are going to strive for order and the safety of others on the roadway. Happens all of the time...I'm safer when I accept a certain level of paranoia... believing that the motoring public is out to get me. Honesty and Integrity must be somewhere near the top of everyone's list of strivings. For instance, a proven and obvious con-man wants to run for the top office in the land. Well, you would think he would be laughed out of contention...and never stand a chance. Even though he ran twice for the top job and lost the popular vote by millions of votes each time, he has a group of 50+ million Americans who still think he deserves to be President. Go figure.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Another Hurdle Crossed...

We both had positive reports from our oncologists to start May 2021. Another year guaranteed. This is big. I am ready to sell the bicycle shop that I birthed (and nurtured) 27 years ago. I'm not going to give it away but I do agree with my darling wife, it's time to move on. I keep telling her that the perfect person is going to walk through the door (soon) and say, "I want it and I am willing to pay what you are asking." I was sure that the property, inventory and reputation were worth a million dollars, a decade ago. However, now I'll settle for half of that. Bodfish Bicycles and Quiet Mountain Sports in a precious community where the water is perfect and plentiful and the swimming is perfect. I've been told that I should hire a real estate broker and promote the possibilities to exhausted and fearful urban folk. I insist that passing of this baton will happen naturally and without undue pressure and negotiations. I am quite naive about business transactions and the overall honesty of persons interested in cycling and working on bikes...especially those who are skilled at working a wheel on the truing stand (this meditative activity clears the mind and reaches down to a person's authentic core...reassuring that honesty is always the best policy). We will "pass it on" so that this essential service will continue indefinitely for those propelling themselves with their own god-given bodily ability.