Thursday, November 19, 2020

Honestly Puzzled

I thought I knew, how the country works, how the body works, what's fair and what's not fair. I have always thought that honesty...from and by everyone was the pinnacle of character. We want to be around people who are honest and I know that honesty is the Hallmark of great relationships. People will want to be around me, to associate with me, if I am 100% honest, make that HONEST. After 70 years on the Big Blue Ball, I'm wondering, didn't I learn anything? I'm also puzzled by the human body. We have always thought that the best "health plan" was to stay active, (very active) and to treat our bodies as health santuaries not as garbage cans. No smoking, few drugs (moderate caffeine and alcohol)...but, there are glitches that can affect the body or the mind that you can't control. Genetic glitches that eventually show up no matter how conscientious you are. Fair or not, we have to deal with these incidents as graciously as we can. We need to lean on each other...and we will, and I am really thankful to have had a lifelong partner. Somebody once called me a "Know it all!"...whoa, I must have been quite young and pretentious... because, the older I get the less I know. I can see that now.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Ding Dong The Joker Is Gone

Not quite yet, I know. Can you believe 70 million people in our nation wanted Trump insanity to continue? Truly, the man is off his rocker...from so many angles. Now we can count the ways we ducked several Presidentially-fired bullets and historians will be recounting how perverse the dude was and the unbelievable fact that he was at the helm for four full years. The Donald Trump story is not over, I realize, but he will never be in charge of our nation or given the respect, that he never earned, again. Relief is what I'm feeling a degree of right now. We still have the Covid !9 and some crazy personal health challenges to recover from but at least our country isn't spinning clockwise down the toilet hole of untruths and international disrespect. Let's tighten our suspenders and begin an impressive recovery of honor, legitimacy and compassion for those who were temporarily bullwinkled by this out-of-control meteorite and cult leading whacko...DT (delirium tremens).

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Trick or Treat...Enough Already

We've had some mean tricks played on us lately...I'm ready for some normalcy. Covid has found Plumas County here in October and more to the center of the target, it has found Chester, California...ten cases in the last 24 hours! We have several reasons to be afraid of this nasty bug and I am even questioning the wisdom of opening my business three days a week. "Don't let it dominate your lives."says the Joker. Guess what, It is a shadow over the health and well being of all of us and we cannot afford to deal with it. Every Halloween for the last 26 years we have handed out treats to at least 450 little gremlins from the front door of the bicycle shop here in Chester. I remember nasty encounters with the flu...haven't had any during the last decade, which is a miracle because I've only opted for a flu shot twice over that period. We now have pre-existing conditions (being 70 years old is one) that could result in serious setbacks for our happy life here in Chester. I am increasingly taken aback when someone dashes into my store without a mask and not a clue about the consequences of their carelessness. It happens...and I've started to show my frustration with this behavior in a ways inconsistant with my peaceful reputation as a caring and laid back downtown merchant. We have some hurdles to cross this Autumn and Winter and I am looking forward to a return of the good times that months of responsible diligence can bring.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Sincereness and Love.

The virtues I value the most. You don't even have to be a giver to your community or overflowing with generosity. {Which would make you an exceptional human being}. All I need to be your friend is straight forward honesty and sincerity in your dealings with me. We don't have to agree on the issues of the day, though that might be comforting. All I ask from my neighbors is Truth, Honesty and Integrity. America used to be overflowing with these qualities. Now, I'm afraid we don't see these virtues automatically in the people who surround us. As you know, we don't get to pick our neighbors but we do get to pick our friends...and we have some power(not much) in choosing our political representatives. I'm hoping a majority of voters value the same virtues that I am glorifying here. We don't really expect our politicians to change the world but, we should demand that they present us with the truth and not spend their time feeding their own narcissistic faces. Most of us have already voted in Plumas County and we are in a very conservative corner of California but I am keeping my fingers crossed that we install some persons of integrity in the offices that need to be filled in January 2021.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

2021 Has To Be Better....No?

Well, I certainly hope so. Political pettiness has been a drag on us all. How is that everybody is smarter than Dr. Fauci these days? I mean everybody is a genius. We are all qualified to be President of the U.S.A. Everybody wants to argue about the smallest thing...especially the virus...until, it hits you and puts you in the ICU. One of my sisters ended up in intensive care very early in the game, early February, in fact.She's still not certain that she is rid of this bug, "Weird things have been happening to me ever since." I assure her that weird things have been happening to all of us. The smoke may clear by January and we'll all be breathing easy. A little rain and snow should help, along with a new president being inauguerated. I really can't wait to get back on my bicycle daily and stop driving so much. We bought a new cargo van that we are slowly converting into an escape/camping vehicle so that we can go to the coast and listen to the radioactive waves roll in from Japan. We haven't learned to treat the ocean better, we haven't learned to treat the forest better and most important, we haven't learned to treat each other better...everyone wants to argue over the smallest thing. We are overdue for a 'uniter-in-chief'.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

It's An Honor To Be Involved In Clinical Trials

Well, we'd kind of rather not but, you've gotta do what you've gotta do. If a half dozen 200 mile drives to UC Davis Med Center in Sacramento could give you a few more years, you'll do it. Enough said, no sympathy needed. We are blown away when see how many people are going through major health trauma. The Affordable Care Act is a Godsend for, millions! We may never catch up to the level of care all other civilized countries offer their citizens but this "Obamacare" effort has made a huge difference in the lives of so many. When you hang out near a major medical facility and hear the stories...your selfish mind is turned 180 degrees. The intensely bad air we Californians have been breathing during this last month is sure to add thousands more to the cast of severely sick people. We are already in masks and fearful of the virus that is trying to bring us all down. I've so learned to appreciate truly deep breaths...Riding my bicycle to work today helped me practice with at least one hundred impressively deep breaths. This pandemic cannot be ignored...many are trying to pretend it doesn't exist or, even more selfishly, they are trying to reinforce their political perspective by practicing denial inspite of the staggering numbers. America has the worst track record on the planet with this bug (contrary to the information thrown out there by our Commander in Chief). Lying does not alter the numbers...we are in deep trouble on the health front and even though it seems to be leveling off, that is only temporary...just hang out in front of a major medical clinic and strike up a few conversations through your is not easy for way too many Americans.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Life Sucks Right Now

I'm usually the Pollyanna type. I've always been able to see the bright side. Not this time. From six different angles I am not loving life. I don't think I can write my way out of this funk. Our AQI (Air Quality Index)is extreme...presently 480. Our rural county is on fire and we are losing residents.The Covid-19 epidemic is not going away (like magic)...we could use a little magic. We have unspeakable health problems and consequences that we are hoping to correct over the next year...and now, I have an incredible sore throat. The bicycle store is running out of product...bicycles as we know them. Tubes, tires, wheels are kaput in the most common sizes.Really no reason to be open more than three days a week. People still walk in the door saying, "Do you really want me to wear a mask? "Are these people fucking dense? Don't answer that. The stark fact that 40% of Americans are voicing their preference for a second term for the "King of the Idiocracy". What happened to admiration for honesty and integrity? Is America that dense? Reality TV stars and phoney millionaires deserve what? Not the trust and confidence of the American people. Excuse me for being so negative...but, that's where we are at right now Negative-ville. 2020 and I have such a murky vision of where we are at.