Saturday, October 3, 2020

2021 Has To Be Better....No?

Well, I certainly hope so. Political pettiness has been a drag on us all. How is that everybody is smarter than Dr. Fauci these days? I mean everybody is a genius. We are all qualified to be President of the U.S.A. Everybody wants to argue about the smallest thing...especially the virus...until, it hits you and puts you in the ICU. One of my sisters ended up in intensive care very early in the game, early February, in fact.She's still not certain that she is rid of this bug, "Weird things have been happening to me ever since." I assure her that weird things have been happening to all of us. The smoke may clear by January and we'll all be breathing easy. A little rain and snow should help, along with a new president being inauguerated. I really can't wait to get back on my bicycle daily and stop driving so much. We bought a new cargo van that we are slowly converting into an escape/camping vehicle so that we can go to the coast and listen to the radioactive waves roll in from Japan. We haven't learned to treat the ocean better, we haven't learned to treat the forest better and most important, we haven't learned to treat each other better...everyone wants to argue over the smallest thing. We are overdue for a 'uniter-in-chief'.