Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last day on the New World continent for awhile. A flight to France for research and inspiration, road bikes coming with us. Leaving our NorCal life behind and in the hands of the very capable Colby Joe. What do we feel over there that we cannot find here? An ancient awareness that we are all interdependent, deserving of love and courtesy and a little extra space at the edge of the roadway, even if the macadam is narrow and unlined. The food and wine are precious and meant to be savored not engorged. Folks in the European countryside are uninhibited and adventurous, you might find that attitude here, especially in the West. The Med Coast is beautiful, a special shade of blue and appears pristine with a sandy bottom. Flowers pour out of planters and wallside containers in every alley or street of every small village...this is France and to a great degree it's the same in Italy and Spain. We get to retrace the stages of the Tour de France without the hammering of overhead helicopters and none of the roadslime of partying cycle racing fans.