Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home For The Hollow Days

       Well, sometimes I wonder if I am really here...I feel present, but I'm not sure anyone can see me. This could be a good the Hollow one will see that I'm not wearing anything but a smile. My immediate family is busy elsewhere most of the time now....for Work and School. I show up during the hours indicated on the door of the bicycle shop and on a Wednesday or a Thursday, during these cold months, I may not interact with a single soul.
       Reading is my refuge...I love to purchase books from my friends across the street @ Books and Beyond, all kinds of books and I read the most far out stories on the internet (also provided via WiFi from Books and Beyond). Non-fiction is good, classic Sci-Fi is better and I'm addicted to near future predictive essays and novels...these ignite my brain the same way a piece of chocolate cake next to a scoop of vanilla ice cream use to.
        Some of the predictions are difficult, even dire, like those from Mark Hertsgaard and James Howard Kunstler, others are fun, like those from Kim Stanley Robinson or Arthur C Clark,  Richard Heinlein,  H.G.Wells or even the zany Carl Hiaasen. I've always been a Tom Robbins fan and I even like the ideas of Stewart Ward, a local guy.
        I just finished my second Barak Obama book, Dreams From My Father...I think this guy has a future. In fact, I am desperately hoping that he has a long future. Being a teen in the Sixties, a liberal, at that, left some nasty scars on my psyche...I was working on the Robert Kennedy For President campaign during my last days of high school when he made a visit to Kalamazoo, my hometown...only a few days before he was shot down in L.A. by Sirhan Sirhan.