Friday, May 8, 2009

Feels like the first day of summer. No rain clouds, high sixties and I'm in shorts. Something wrong here though, why do I have time to write in this blog?
I should have a backlog of repairs and a line of customers looking at bikes and accessories. "It's the economy stupid." No, what's ridiculous is that Californians don't see that bicycling is one of the solutions to their fear of spending. The price of a barrel of oil brushed sixty dollars this morning. I can't believe there are folks who think there is plenty of oil in the ground to continue our present lifestyle indefinitely. We should all be preparing for the inevitable shortages of energy.
Sorry grandkids, we were a little out of our heads with material lust. We tuned in to the technicolor screen and we believed most of it. Yea, driving on a whim was fun but shortsighted. We really could have saved much more wisely.