Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dreams of an Adventurous Life

        My dreams seem to be pushing me toward a more daring, less inhibited, crazier, more adventurous lifestyle. I was riding up an impressive mountain road on my bicycle last night...when I reached the top I looked down and I was only wearing boxers...and the downhill was extremely steep....and my handlebars snapped on both ends, leaving me with about eight inches to steer with. I started the downhill thinking, "I'm not going to fall and it's going to get easier."
        Then I awoke and was disappointed that I didn't get to test myself. For twenty years I've been a regular workaday fellow...this steadiness is playing with my psyche. We partake in a yearly adventure....well planned, with predictable results. Never a "Frodo" or "Bilbo" adventure...and this is what is played out in my dreams...dangerous junctions, radical associations, magical uphills and frightening downhills.
         I'm actually a frugal and conservative individual however,  dreamlife has me being wild and a little bit crazy...often not clothed and not worried about it, mingling with others who are nude, we shower and bathe together, jump in lakes and creeks, even eating meals with family and friends au naturale, and no one gives it a second thought. We used to pack up the bicycles with everything we needed for a couple of months of wandering, we'd ride off towards the sunrise and make decisions daily or weekly about where to point the front wheel. I miss the wild spontaneity of those journeys.
        At least I'm having that kind of fun in my dreams...this would be the perfect "retired lifestyle". I'm certain we still have it in us...twenty-five years of being "regular folks" can't squelch this inner "hippie spirit". I'm hoping we'll (Lisa and I) be referred to as "those goofy old wanderlust hippies" some day in the near future.