Saturday, April 26, 2014

Turn Down The Noise, Get Outside And Sweat.

If I were the Dalai Lama (of course, I am not), and someone asked me what advice I would give Americans (no one asked me), in eight words or would be, turn down the noise, get outside and sweat. Yes, I know several people who exercise with earbuds attached to IPods and the like...I realize they won't hear my valuable advice. Oh well, I'm just imagining that I have something important to say here. I'll shut up.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Days We Have Left

        What to do with the days we have left....It's a finite number...everybody has a finite number of days. How precious they seem, once you've seen 23, 330 days fly by. Only the very lucky make it to 30, mother will make it and she sounds as if she is enjoying each day, every time I call her.   She is only 6,315 days older than, that's a long time to avoid being in the wrong the wrong time. There are lightning bolts, falling trees and distracted drivers galore, out there, so, I'll assume that I won't accumulate that many days.
         When you only have 6,000 days left are you going to waste a day? Let's hope not. I'm getting a lot out of each day now but, I'm sure I can do better. This is why old people move to warmer climates, they assume that the quality of life is better where it is warmer. I've never believed this...the  lazy, shiftless, addicted, dishonest and unfit tend to gravitate toward, what they imagine is, an easier life. This is not the element that I want to share my neighborhood with.
         Would I do anything different if I knew how many days I had left? I would. I'd work a little less, swim more, ride my bicycle more adventurously and hug those I love a little longer.  Funny, I never set my sights on making a bunch of money. I'm just happy to stay ahead of my bills and stay in control of my material lust. Wanderlust, on the other hand, is harder for me to control. I love to travel and I'm lucky to have a mate that loves traveling (and bicycling) just as much as I do.