Saturday, February 13, 2021

Wandering The Lost Cascades Under My Own Power

In the late 60's and early 70's us old farts loved the gravel and dirt tracks while pedaling our cycles because there was zero courtesy from motorists on the mostly narrow macadam roadways. It was a thrill to wander seldom traveled paths, double track and gravel on our two wheels (drop bars) and then come back with stories for the non-adventurous. I think this is still the attraction. An old aquaintence of mine...Kip Phillips, filled my head with stories of outings with his Schwinn 2-speed kick-back up to the high lakes of the Lost Cascades. Fishing expeditions "Before the war". We're talkin' 1938 and 1939 here. "It was an all-day affair, but we would come back with dinner nearly every time." I wrote a longer story for publication about my old friend in an early mountain biking publication called The Fat Tyre Flyer... Late seventies, before anyone was typing in and submitting stories on the internet. There is a new wave of interest in self-powered locomotion on the unpaved tracks...I have the perfect book of maps for those curious about the unpaved options in far Northern California...It's titled Cycling The California Outback with Bodfish. The renewed interest in such activity has caused the curious new pioneers to send me several inquiries about my old publication. It may have taken a worldwide pandemic to boost the excitement level to it's present fever pitch...getting away, getting outside and doing it under your own power is, well, empowering.