Thursday, July 5, 2012

Naked French Roast

   Up in the morning at six o'clock, the birds have been celebrating for an hour already and a few glints of sun are shooting through the tree tops. No need to get's 72 in the house. I love summer....carefully, I descend to the kitchen and activate the teapot...the joints loosen as I make my way over to the remote and bring the Weather Channel to life, at low volume.
     Black tea is my preference for waking the tastebuds...the dog springs to life and sits in front of the sliding glass door, suggesting a patrol along the property line....not wishing to go that public with my morning nudity, I decline and send her on her way.
    It's July! We are recording the Tour de France...time to get the coffee on and locate a pair of boxer shorts because...I'm about to go mindless, on automatic pilot for two hours...the spell can only be broken by the dog, begging for her eight o'clock bowl of kibbles of the neighbors, trying to locate her cat...
I don't mind wearing boxers, in a pinch, but I am very attached to my freedoms.                         Happy Fourth of July!