Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Bringing Tears To My Eyes

My ITunes selections at work are ancient but, every once in awhile I'm hearing a song for the very first time...Alexi Murdoch's Dream Of Flying hit me harder than usual this morning, as I opened for the first time this year on a Tuesday. Eric Clapton's Tears In Heaven use to be the only guaranteed tear jerker while working at the truing stand. We used to chuckle at how quick Grandpa was brought to tears over unrevealed memories. A very dear friend had physicians pull the plug on her 63 years of strong living, this last weekend. Terminal cancer is a bitch. So yeah, I'm bound to be a little weepy today at work. Thankful? Absolutely...each day, each kiss and every bicycle ride or hike is a gift. One of the unfortunate features of making it into the advanced years is the losing of friends, family and other acquaintances. It's going to happen, no one lives forever. Maybe we all connect again in the 'great beyond'...comforting thought...but I wish everyone had just a little more time.