Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just "gettin' by"

The bicycle shop is a gathering place for folks who are barely making it in life. For one reason or another...lost their license, can't afford insurance, don't want to waste money on car culture, lost their "balance" in life, need someone... who'll be talk to.
 It's an important "island of sanity" where anyone can walk in and smell the tires. I'm allowed to keep working with my hands while we it's no problem to welcome them in. At least that's how we function here in Chester, California and I know the same happens in many shops in Chico. At least the music is excellent and the shop dogs are friendly.
 I like putting people on bicycles...or tricycles. I want them to clutter up the streets and highways, and the bike rack at the post office. It reminds the motorheads/the large carbon footprint folks, that the meek, gentile traveler is still plugging along under her own power and deserves a little space on the tarmac.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Stretching The Window

        I'm not sure which is best, a morning forty-five minute up and down bicycle ride or forty-five minutes in the Thera Sauna...with either, I tend to lose three or four pounds of water weight, funny, when I do both in the same morning I still only lose four pounds. When I choose to take the dog for a forty-five minute walk in the morning I lose nothing. I can lose a pound just paying bills at the bike shop. Either way, taking the dog for a walk is only good for the dog.
         The bicycle shop is my home away from home and I get in at least 6,000 steps just putting the bicycles and kayaks out on's my belief that you need to keep movin', keep sweating, when the opportunity arrises, and stay somewhat social. Do this and you'll be happy as you slide into your seventh decade of life. I feel so fortunate to be here.
         Celebrate Life...Celebrate the Temporary...has long been a credo of mine. Not too radical but, definitely more freeform than my siblings. I do wish I could be closer to my Michigan family...2,300 miles is too big a hop. So, that is what writing is all about for me...a small window into the life of your big brother. I don't believe in curtains but, for some reason I struggle to stretch this window...and I can only do that by writing more. It is frustrating that I can't reach out and HUG any of you...only in my dreams. This is also why I enjoy Facebook, it is the biggest family connection I casual friends here, these are the people that I can be naked with...and I love you all.
          Yep, all this introspection is due to the fact that my 62nd birthday is just around the corner and I'm adding up the things that I am THANKFUL for, and yes, family is near the top of my list. Really, for me there is no Bucket List. I'm quite satisfied with my accomplishments and explorations...this is a mighty good life.