Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Quick, cold, naked dips "make" the summer.

Winter Doldrums

         It's not my favorite thing...showing up at work five days a week, during Winter. The last three Winters have been strange, little or no snow, mostly cloudy and very few customers. We haven't had so much as one morning frost this December (2014). The shortest days are upon us. The storms come whipping across the Pacific and the weather people are visibly excited...only to split, some goes North, the rest goes South and we are left with sprinkles.
         I've been able to ride my bicycle more than in years past, however,  I'm pretty bundled up...and can't even consider riding to a lake or place on the river for a quick dip. Reading is my refuge, mostly books and crazy stories that I find on the internet...almost always "fiction" these days.
         I have little interest in the realities and complaints of my fellow Americans. I'm less interested in the International situation, the stock market and even the weather reports than I imagined I would be, now that I'm in my middle sixties. My only sports are bicycling, professional baseball and lake-bagging...that's it! Who knew that I'd become so narrow.
         I most want to start writing interesting stories...using my wealth of experience and depth of feeling about real issues of the day. I shouldn't worry about the fact that few people will be interested in what I have to say, and that others will be insulted or embarrassed with what I reveal. I want to just "go for it".  I think I need a few cheerleaders...a handful of coaches and supporters who have a thirst for what I might compose. It takes guts to write it down,  just as it spills out of my head. I'm not sure I'm that brave.