Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Like A Newborn Baby...

      Barefooting across my icy deck, surrounded by snow laden trees, I heard the fireworks and the neighborhood cannon fire off as I eased into my Snorkel hot tub. Hello 2013! As is tradition with me, I started the new year in a pool of water wearing the clothes God gave me. Rebirth, this is what the Mayans, the Christians and Nostradamus were looking forward to many centuries ago.  
       I have the usual resolutions...Weight maintenance, be nice to the 99%,  more cardio,  enjoy (and express joy) every day that I am capable of processing oxygen and excreting toxins. The number of days remaining is Finite, for all of us...so, why sweat the small stuff?  There are important events in my future... re-hugging all of my family ranks at the top of my list.  So, I'm buying a couple of Amtrak tickets that make a Spring journey to Michigan a certainty.
      The arrival of 2013 helps me focus on the here and now...one day at a time. My body is my temple, job one is to keep it humming, keep it well lubricated, keep the gears clean and realize the mind can play sneaky tricks. Don't let this "trickster" jerk you out of the present or sneak up on you in a devious disguise. No room for depression or deception at the Inn. I follow the 'keep it simple/keep it honest/nothing to hide' mantra, I have no time or patience for anything else.
       The future looks bright, my partner is a beautiful friend and we have thousands of miles to ride...in California, on the trails of the Pacific Northwest, in the Pyrenees and on the many islands of the Mediterranean. We strive for continued wellness, fitness and open-mindedness that will make these adventures possible. We built our mental capabilities, we built our house, we built our family and we built our business with dogged determination and positive attitudes...and we enter our senior years with the same focus and resolve. Happy New Year, everyone.