Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Owning My Own Writer's Block

You'd think it would be easy...just sit down and write. Certain stars need to be in alignment before I can sit down and write anything meaningful. My brain needs to be ON...I am thinking that this is only possible during a few hours a day. I can't be feeling guilty about the fact that I am not pitching in with the "real work" that begs to be done around me. And then there's the question that always haunts I have anything meaningful to say? ...and who wants to read it, anyhow? These doubts are the foundation of my personal brand of  "writer's block".
You probably didn't notice but, I haven't composed a blog entry for five and a half months. These were my busiest work months at the bicycle shop followed by a six week cycling/camping/driving vacation in France. the last couple of days...I'm finding time to relax and configure my next essay.
When men ask, "What do you do?"...this happens a lot when you are on vacation, and women never ask that question, I've been practicing with the answer, I'm a writer. It's a sure way to halt the inquiry...but you see it in their eyes, (WTF is that?). On the other hand, if I say, I own a bicycle shop...they are all smiles. It's a handle they can understand. My partner is retiring this week after 30 years of working for the US government...she is now an artist and organic gardener. She was always an artist and organic gardener...and I was always a writer, sometimes it takes decades for us to own who we really are.