Friday, November 19, 2010

Rain turning to snow.
Following the developments in the American/World economy with great interest. Nothing I can do about it, true enough...but it's something to watch, it is unfolding fast and it's better to not be caught off guard when all of a sudden we can only gas up on Thursdays if our license plates end in an odd number. Reading James Howard Kunstler on Mondays and Dmytri Orlov on Weds. and Paul Krugman on Fridays...these observers of the predicament we "civilized" folks are in, are able to see into the future better than most.
The small bike shop should survive just fine...we work with our hands here and we are problem solvers. Bicycle riding still makes more sense than most activities we embark on daily and keeping the two wheelers rolling is our mission. Staying healthy and excited about each day is important work. Spreading this enthusiasm to the ones you love is also important...all this ties into something called Right Livelihood.
I can't change the world, but I can do little things to spice up my sphere of influence. Warmth, humor, love of family, a good bike ride and a skinny dip...what more can we work on in this life? It really is just this simple. Enjoy!