Friday, July 24, 2020

My Sweetheart Finds A New Swimming Hole

        "The water is clear and the pool is so deep and cold. I've got to take you there." Nori, our two year old Labrador is addicted to swimming holes..."She plunged in at least forty times." This new spot is only twelve miles away from home, an easy bicycle ride. Too far to run the dog...we may have to drive. I've been working six days a week...happens every Summer...I miss out on a ton of lake-bagging just so that I can install more chains, fix more flats and adjust derailleurs.
         Reaching the age of 70 has really changed my perspective...there are other accomplishments awaiting me. Who cares if I ran my own brick and mortar store for 27 years or for 30 years? Time is precious and I want to invest most of the rest of it getting wet in mountain pools. I've been discovering new 'Shin-rin Yoku' shrines with my loving best friend for the last 44 years...there's no guarantee that we'll be able to share these experiences for 50 years.