Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fifty nine and one half and whose counting. Shifted my finances from stocks to bonds last week and of course the NASDAC went up! It's not that much money but it is now invested in Rebuild America bonds. Faith in America? I think we can do it...set aside greed and take care of each other. I don't have confidence that corporations will ever focus on anything but profit and deception.
Individuals will make a difference. This country is populated by a healthy percentage of people that I call "helpers". Snowstorms, floods, tornados and power outages demonstrate the fact that neighbors in America will jump to the aid of each other and put their differences aside just long enough to insure the well being of their countrymen. I love this about our country.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Feels like the first day of summer. No rain clouds, high sixties and I'm in shorts. Something wrong here though, why do I have time to write in this blog?
I should have a backlog of repairs and a line of customers looking at bikes and accessories. "It's the economy stupid." No, what's ridiculous is that Californians don't see that bicycling is one of the solutions to their fear of spending. The price of a barrel of oil brushed sixty dollars this morning. I can't believe there are folks who think there is plenty of oil in the ground to continue our present lifestyle indefinitely. We should all be preparing for the inevitable shortages of energy.
Sorry grandkids, we were a little out of our heads with material lust. We tuned in to the technicolor screen and we believed most of it. Yea, driving on a whim was fun but shortsighted. We really could have saved much more wisely.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Dad died yesterday. I dedicate these writings to him. He had just discovered Facebook and the fact that his children from two different marriages were communicating with each other on this social networking vehicle. He was genuinely excited at the possibilities and asked my youngest brother how much it would cost to get on the internet and participate. He died in his sleep that very night. The next morning in the mail I received an Easter card depicting an Angel floating amongst roses from him, wishing the whole family health and happiness.