Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cycling Nirvana

        Just over the hill from Paradise you'll find cycling nirvana...the dirt, the trails, the safe roads and a very helpful bicycle shop. What used to be a six month Plumas perfect bicycling climate has recently been extended to ten months. For this we can thank the "Burners"....oil, gas, wood and coal. I'm starting to think that nothing is more important than riding a bicycle at least two hours a day.
        Well actually, working five days a week is still more important. But, those stretches of time in which I do ride my bicycle two or three hours a day help me climb to a pinnacle of health and wellness. No doubt about it, I do need to dedicate more time and effort to foot twiddling. That evasive "pinnacle" keeps taunting me, just out of reach...unless I take six weeks off and ride every day, as we have been known to do.