Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Survivor...Not A Bad Thing

Someone told me a decade ago..."When you start habitually checking the obits, you'll know you are getting old." Well, lately the obits are getting my attention and it feels like they are closing in on my young body. Friends and neighbors seem to be expiring at a rapid rate, three last month. This seems to have started with my mother dying six months ago. I'm pedaling my bike uphill as good as I ever did (at least I think so), and I'm still putting my pants on while balancing on one leg, and I get out of chairs without pushing up on the, I'm still a young man, right? I insist, I don't know what they mean when they say "Your age is catching up with you." Glucosamine and CQ10 every morning for the last ten years (Thank you, Carol M.) I'm ready to ride...if only I could pass this bicycle shop to someone who loves working on bicycles and taking care of customers.