Thursday, June 7, 2012

Retirement, Ha!

      President Holland of France announced that retirement at 62 is a thing of the past...not an unexpected move in these difficult times...however, the new retirement age in France is 60. I write this on my last day of my 62nd complete year of sensing life and breathing outside the womb.
      I actually retired back in 1985 when I gave the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company my notice and moved to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I would no longer be a "grunt" on the bottling line...drinking my "benefits" and looking forward to SacValley life behind a steadily growing beer belly. During this post-grunt period I have been a part-time teacher, writer and promoter of all things related to bicycling and full-time Father, not the kind you kiss on the hand and bow down to. No complaints here, life has been more than fair to me. The sixties are starting with me feeling as healthy and strong as a "forty something".
      The Summer is starting off in grand style, we have heat, a full lake and energetic customers lining up at the door.  Working with Colby at my side, for most of the summer, is an absolute joy. He has numerous ideas about how to run a business but, he has a ton of respect for how the business has been operated for the last eighteen years. I really can't imagine a better employee...or offspring, for that matter.
      Here we are, charging into our nineteenth Summer of operating a recreation business on Main St., and I am optimistic....not so much that we will make more money...but, that we'll continue to thrive. It's never been about "more $".   My priorities have always orbited around health, honesty, happiness and forthrightness... really, what else is more important!
      This is not a diary entry...more a statement of purpose, from my operating manual...imprinted in my character from growing up in Michigan, with guidance from a caring and wonderful family....just letting you know that I appreciate you all and look forward to exchanging hugs, hopefully sometime in the next year.     In the meantime, Here goes, starting my 63rd year...tomorrow!