Saturday, October 17, 2015

Starting From Kalamazoo...One Week Ago Today

        The train trip back to the far west gave me time to reflect...we had just completed our twelfth trip to the homeland in forty much love in that SW corner of Michigan. ..Home of "my people". A few things I don't miss...the noise, the freeways from hell, I-94 and 131 (where 100 car/truck pile-ups are not uncommon). The roar of the Detroit to Chicago truck route is stunning and intimidating.
         I don't miss the predominance of "mall shopping" (once called the Mall City). I do miss the "Country Roads"...the backroads of SW Michigan are busy now, there are modern ranch style homes sprinkled throughout. This zone of my home state now has 749,000 residents. The zone of California that I have called home for the 30 years (NE California) has one tenth as many residents in twice the land area...Plumas, Lassen, Modoc and Sierra counties. My mind finds solace, relief and an addictive  meditative quality in the quiet roads and wide open spaces.
        Yes, I realize that no one is going to move West to be nearer their big brother...It's been 45 years! I am lucky to get family for a visit every ten years. So, it is what it is...I'll just have to get my batteries recharged by Michigan hugs once every three or four years.