Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Time To Shift Gears

I don't think I am over-reacting here but I am saddened by so many events that have launched in to our life's path over the last three years. I should just be thankful for the previous thirty years of peace and regularity (not to mention, excellent luck). I am not going to list these events here, believe me they have piled on. From this point forward we need to 'accentuate the positive'. Bicycle riding may be our best therapy. I have recently been reminded about how good it feels to do some regular foot-twiddling. Less standing on concrete and asphalt and more standing on the pedals and climbing in non-charred forests. Yeah, it's time to get serious about selling our business, I'm going to the professionals for consultations on this matter. I own the building, the inventory and the good name. We'll see what we can do to maximize our saddle time during our 'older years'.