Thursday, November 19, 2020

Honestly Puzzled

I thought I knew, how the country works, how the body works, what's fair and what's not fair. I have always thought that honesty...from and by everyone was the pinnacle of character. We want to be around people who are honest and I know that honesty is the Hallmark of great relationships. People will want to be around me, to associate with me, if I am 100% honest, make that HONEST. After 70 years on the Big Blue Ball, I'm wondering, didn't I learn anything? I'm also puzzled by the human body. We have always thought that the best "health plan" was to stay active, (very active) and to treat our bodies as health santuaries not as garbage cans. No smoking, few drugs (moderate caffeine and alcohol)...but, there are glitches that can affect the body or the mind that you can't control. Genetic glitches that eventually show up no matter how conscientious you are. Fair or not, we have to deal with these incidents as graciously as we can. We need to lean on each other...and we will, and I am really thankful to have had a lifelong partner. Somebody once called me a "Know it all!"...whoa, I must have been quite young and pretentious... because, the older I get the less I know. I can see that now.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Ding Dong The Joker Is Gone

Not quite yet, I know. Can you believe 70 million people in our nation wanted Trump insanity to continue? Truly, the man is off his rocker...from so many angles. Now we can count the ways we ducked several Presidentially-fired bullets and historians will be recounting how perverse the dude was and the unbelievable fact that he was at the helm for four full years. The Donald Trump story is not over, I realize, but he will never be in charge of our nation or given the respect, that he never earned, again. Relief is what I'm feeling a degree of right now. We still have the Covid !9 and some crazy personal health challenges to recover from but at least our country isn't spinning clockwise down the toilet hole of untruths and international disrespect. Let's tighten our suspenders and begin an impressive recovery of honor, legitimacy and compassion for those who were temporarily bullwinkled by this out-of-control meteorite and cult leading whacko...DT (delirium tremens).