Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2014, I Resolve....

        The activities we like best, and doing them together, will be the target for us in 2014. Hiking, bicycling, kayaking/ canoeing, camping, sunning and swimming continue to be at the top of our list of joyful living "markers". These are all activities that take time, not money. That's how we have designed our lives...the focus is on out-of-doors activities. We don't compete and we have nothing to prove about our abilities in these areas and therefore, we most often are seen wearing big wide smiles during all of these exercises. The resulting benefits include excellent health and genuine excitement while looking forward to each new season. 
         We share these outings with only a handful of friends who are predictable, reliable and honest.  It truly is one of the great things about surviving into old pretenses. We all know what we are getting in our friendships and associations. I plan to visit dozens of lakes, ride a hundred different roads and trails in 2014. We will take advantage of secluded beaches and collect more of the sun's rays this year than last....therefore increasing our vitamin D intake by at least two-fold over 2013. 
        Call me a dreamer, call me a freak...I'm going "out" with the determination of a young idealist. We are not sure if we have ten years left or twenty, but never let it be said that we wasted our energy on materialism or TV.  We played like Cheetahs and Pandas and Gibbons and we resisted life in a cage...not worrying too much about what others thought of our antics, we were ripe in old age.