Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Mission: It's About More Than The Bicycle

       The Bodfish "handle" has been with me for well over forty years, since I started writing "Outback of Bodfish" weekly columns about my self-propelled adventures in the southern Sierra. One would think I'm all about bicycles, all of the time, but actually, it's more than that. I'm about simple/honest living,  I'm about tread lightly/small carbon footprint living. I'm about being the best neighbor you could ever ask for.
        I'm all about potential, even in my mid-sixties, and I'm about the future... and being prepared for whatever it wants to toss my way. The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to keep moving, today. Morning hikes,  afternoon bicycle rides and watching my best friend perform Yoga poses are my favorite ways to keep "the ticker" strong.
       Operating my own Main St. business gives me a solid sense of purpose and keeps me on my toes. Right Livelihood is an important concept for me...not just taking up space or accumulating money because I can. I believe I am saving lives here and putting smiles on the faces of total strangers. How long can this go on? Believe me, I am passing it my son, to my customers and to my community.
       It's a lifestyle, it's sincere and I have to believe that I'm making a difference.