Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving...Another Chance To Give Thanks

         We have much to be thankful for...right now. I am not only thankful for each breath and the company I keep but, I am thankful for the rain pounding on the skylight above my head. Lisa and I have had another year of excellent health and stupendous luck. Our outdoor equipment enterprise (Bodfish Bicycles and Quiet Mtn Sports) is on a roll...great numbers three years in a row. Colby, Emily, Lisa and I have put a lot of energy into making it a clean, effective and happy place to find tools for a healthier outdoor life.
         Our most recent "Big Adventure" in France unfolded without a fender benders, no unplanned dismounts from the bicycles and zero negatives from the natives or fellow travelers in the French countryside. Sooo much to be thankful for...we really "hang it out there" wouldn't believe how vulnerable we are most of the time, yet our faith in our angels and fellow beings is boundless. We seldom let fear enter into the equation, when it does...we banish it quickly.
          'Keep your chin up, keep your balance and always move forward' is our credo. Two months of riding our road bikes nearly everyday in the demanding SOF hills will whip you into shape and improve everything about you. Would we do it again? a heartbeat.