Sunday, August 30, 2015

How Is "Nature Boy"

       An old friend stopped by the bike shop yesterday, someone that I hadn't seen for 42 years. Damn, he looked old. After a nice chat, between customers, he said, "Just texted my wife (Linda), she asked, How is Nature Boy?" I guess we don't change much over the course of a lifetime.
        Hiking, cycling and skinny dipping were my main outdoor interests when I moved to the south fork of the Kern River in 1973 and they are still at the top of my activities list here, at the other end of the Sierra Nevada, in 2015...but of course instead of skinny dipping we call it chunky-dunkin. I still love the ice cold plunges and I enjoy sweating profusely to find them. We are so lucky to have the fit and healthy bodies, and the excellent attitudes that encourage us to get out there and enjoy nature at it's best.