Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow turning to rain... Tickled to live in Plumas...home of Bodfish Bingo!

We moved to Chester twenty-five years ago from "the Valley", which lies 4,000ft. below and 70 miles SW of here. Securing a job in the forest and finding a modest place to live clinched the move. We set up headquarters in the "Mouse House"...600 sq. ft. of asbestos-sided, minimally insulated, orange long-shag carpeted, but affordable habitation on First Avenue.
My initial perspective on life was formulated below the pinkie finger, in the mitten, of Michigan. My wife, Lisa Jo, spent her youth in the suburban web twenty miles West of downtown Los Angeles. We calculated that we had the heartiness and social-indifference skills to thrive in a town that accumulates over twenty feet of snow most winters and has two thousand souls guided by no less than eleven churches...all Christian.
We have carved a lifestyle, built a comfortable cabin and raised a healthy/ self-assured young man in an environment that offers challenges and opportunities beyond those commonly found in a college town or in an American suburban setting.
This Northern California county called Plumas sits in the NE quadrant of the state. On a map Plumas looks very much like a resting Arabian Camel (Dromedary). Our town, Chester is conveniently located in the neck of the Camel. Water is not a problem in this, forgive me, "neck" of the woods. We have no less than Fifty lakes within a twenty-five miles of this basin. This fact has inspired me to develop a challenge I call "Bodfish Bingo", the lake-bagging game. Prizes for those who can "bag" the most lakes, also prizes for those who can bag seven in-a-row on the card I supply at my store Bodfish Bicycles. "Bagging" involves total immersion and bonuses are given to those who swear they jumped in naked. Witnesses not required.