Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer of Slim Pickens

Two weeks left, Summer becomes Autumn. My summer was not a vacation and will not be immediately followed by a vacation, this year.  Holding it all together... this is what I've been doing in Chester's Old Town during the summer of 2011. Six viable businesses remain and sixteen are empty or on the verge of calling it quits. We need new energy...and buckets of it. I'm thinking of sending out a  press release announcing a new Geothermal Hot Springs Resort opening in Chester, California during the summer of 2012!   Why Not, hey, that's what we will name it...Why Not Hot Springs. One can only hope that this fictitious prospect will get the wheels turning in the brains of our wealthy fans and cheerleaders...Chester has cheerleaders. Nestled between a National Park and a large warm lake, at the juncture of the Cascade and Sierra know Chester, California has fans. We do sit atop hot vents and fumaroles...and the purest water aquifer around, so...let's bottle it and bathe in it, and tell the world to "come on in, the water is fine".

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