Saturday, November 5, 2011

Waiting For The Big One

Spitting snow under grey skies...I'm sitting, standing, pedaling in the bikeshop...waiting for the big one. Somebody is going to walk in here and say, "I want a Hobie kayak and two Trek bicycles." That will comprise the largest sale I've ever made in the month of November, ever. This is the eighteenth November that has daily, seen me obediently unlock the door, turn on the lights and stand out in front, while putting out at least a few bicycles and holler, "Come and get it!" You'd think that this behavior would be embarrassing...the crazy bike guy...but there's seldom anyone to hear, and I'm right downtown.    Recent California Earthquakes is a fascinating website,  I check it several times a day. There's a World view on this site and when a very large red square shows up, as it did seven months ago off the coast of Japan,  I launch off of my stool and look for someone to tell. Waiting for the big one, the crazy bike guy...doesn't he have anything better to do?      Actually, I'm reading, writing and generally educating myself in preparation for writing something profound, something that will reach into another's soul and change their life, forever. This takes an incredible amount of preparation...I'll know when I'm primed sufficiently for the task, or will I?

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