Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just "gettin' by"

The bicycle shop is a gathering place for folks who are barely making it in life. For one reason or another...lost their license, can't afford insurance, don't want to waste money on car culture, lost their "balance" in life, need someone... who'll be talk to.
 It's an important "island of sanity" where anyone can walk in and smell the tires. I'm allowed to keep working with my hands while we it's no problem to welcome them in. At least that's how we function here in Chester, California and I know the same happens in many shops in Chico. At least the music is excellent and the shop dogs are friendly.
 I like putting people on bicycles...or tricycles. I want them to clutter up the streets and highways, and the bike rack at the post office. It reminds the motorheads/the large carbon footprint folks, that the meek, gentile traveler is still plugging along under her own power and deserves a little space on the tarmac.

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