Friday, August 31, 2012

Bullies and Republicans

       I am not commenting about the convention this week, but....Nothing has changed since I started paying attention to politics in 1960 when Nixon and Kennedy were going at it. The Repubs are all about $...not your money and my money...they are about big money, their cronies money, their backers money, eventually the candidates' money.
       The Dems are about the Human to control and manipulate the Human element....bureaucrats, always trying to maintain the bureacracy. The War on Poverty, The War on Drugs, The War on Financial Cheats and The Wars on The Rest of the World....what a joke, it's all about control and money. It's really not about keeping us Safe and Free.
        I used to think we'd end up with a more Humanistic society when all the Old School Conservatives died of old age. It's not happening. Through their mainstream propaganda networks these old guys have brainwashed a whole new generation of "wealthy wanna-bes".
         Here's my frustration with "Bullies". The American motorist...callous and clueless. Pedestrian rights? What a joke that is...until walkers and cyclists start strapping on vests loaded with several sticks of dynamite, the American motorist will have zero respect for the little guy operating under his own power. Big Truck translates into superior power just like Big Money does. The little guy is just supposed to get out of the way.
        What I discovered on a visit to Europe over ten years ago was that people mattered....just regular on-the-street people. Few people worship the rich and the powerful and anyone that's driving a behemoth truck that makes extra loud noises when it passes you, better be hauling the town's daily trash or delivering topsoil , because if you are bullying around in a Dodge Ram 3500 just to be impressive.....just to make a statement about who you "think" you are an idiot!

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