Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dream (and prediction) Comes True!

         Being a sports fan, (cycling and baseball) is not a waste of time. Baseball, in fact, is making me mighty happy! Business is down, politicians are phony, Lance Armstrong is a fraud, hockey is at a stalemate, American football is obese and oversold....but, the World Series will be pure bliss here in 2012.
          On April Fools Day I stuck my neck out....after careful analysis of Spring Training, not really, I called for a 2012 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants! My wife says I make that prediction every year...not true, last year I could see that the Giants were drunk on success and little hope of repeating (they won it all in 2010). The Tigers hadn't done squat since 2006...I was a rabid Tigers fan for the first 18 years of my life and they rewarded me with a World Series victory against the Cardinals in 1968.
           Who cares? Oh, how I care...the Giants are the underdog, they have been the underdog all year. Early predictions had the Dodgers winning the National League Pennant. The SF Giants were said to be no better than a third place team...thank you Sports Illustrated. The Tigers loaded up on talent and have the best starting pitchers in baseball but, that doesn't always result in being the best team...ask the Yankees.
           Many of my relatives, immediate relatives, in Michigan, feel strongly about the Detroit Tigers. I want them to be ecstatic about their team, I pulled strongly for them all year, the odds are in their favor....and yes, I know, I have to pick one over the other. I moved to California in 1969, I lived in San Jose during my first year in California. Californians put me on the front page of the San Jose News (in a good light) after I'd only been here for three months...I do love California, especially Northern California. I'm sitting at my keyboard wearing an orange hat and an orange shirt poking out of a black vest...I don't own a blue vest, I wouldn't wear it for the next two weeks even if I did. The blue Tigers hat went back in the closet this morning.....Go Giants!


  1. This could be your year! We'll just have to sit back and relax and watch the games as they unfold on TV....You don't want to know what the tickets cost this year. Oh, forget about relaxing...get a few micro brews and scream your head off! Let the games begin....

  2. Well....that tasted better than a microwaved sweet potato pie... Tigers in odd years, Giants in even years. We are champions.