Friday, February 1, 2013

People Who Fix Things, With Their Hands!

          I don't believe the hype...Wall Street says, "Give us your $, everyone is going to get rich ."  I am a small business man (two hundred or less employees). Quite possibly the smallest Main St. business man (who owns his own building) in the country. I am not worried. I fix things with my hands.... fewer and fewer people know how to fix the things they own...for a decade they've been buying really cheap things and throwing them away when they stop working. The folly of this mode of operation is becoming more obvious by the day...subsequently,  people are looking for "those who fix things, with their hands".
          Working with your brain was once considered a valuable skill, however, we've developed machines that work day and night to learn and execute the tasks that once required brain power. Unemployment is an ugly doesn't mean your community is going to give you a handout, as it once did. It means you are not being useful in that community might be plopped down in front of the TV or another entertainment monitor... but,  your community could use you as a volunteer at the Hospice Care Thrift store, or in an Elder Care facility, or at the local Library. Or, if you have a "mechanic gene" you can go around your neighborhood fixing things. Word gets out quick, "Ask Chuck, maybe he can fix it."
           Being a good samaritan can still lead to gainful employment. There are people in your neighborhood that could use help...why wouldn't you?   Quite often,  Americans are too proud to ask, but if we go out and meet our neighbors it will result in a better neighborhood and therefore, a better world. We are all going to need help in the times ahead and our lives will be richer if we all work together. Wall Street only cares about your $, not your attitude when you wake up each morning.

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  1. Very good Chuck! I too, don't believe in the word 'unemployment' and taking hand-outs from every Tom, Dick and Harry out there. This reminds me about last year when visiting Cheri's ma for a few days. I reluctantly took Gma's pup to the dog run, and found myself siting in a group of, 75 yr old and up, gals! They said that they didn't see many young guys around there (not that I'm that young), but wondered if I was going to be around very long. I told them, no, but I'd be here for only a week or so. They said that was too bad, they would have had stuff for me to do, and pay me to do it, too. After seeing some of the looks on their faces, I explained that I was married and had a ring on, and that Cheri's ma had plenty of things she wanted me to do! Most of these gals, who apparently were widowed or something, wanted someone who could give them a hand.... Plenty of work in these retirement villages for someone who has the time to do a little on the side... and fun to be had, if you know what I mean???