Thursday, January 16, 2014


        Look it up, on say,  I am not and will not criticize my upbringing, (I am just lucky to be here. ). The first twenty-three years of my life were spent under this cloud. I hid in locker rooms, or dressed and undressed super quickly...I didn't confuse this with modesty, there was real fear that I wouldn't get my pants on quick enough. This was the order of the day in our or eight people sharing a single small bathroom and none of us had ever seen one another naked. The one exception to this was my experimentation with skinny dipping at a secluded reservoir near our house...Snapping Turtles, however, cured my fascination with "natural" swimming.
         Living in Chico, California and finding the "girl of my dreams", who had no such phobia, snapped me out of the self-conscious and the guilt-ridden mentality, the one that had kept me under wraps for the first third of my life. I am still only comfortable being nude with family and very close friends. I am not an exhibitionist and I am exceedingly careful about where I practice my love of chunky-dunking.
         This post is, in part, a response to my mother's recent outburst..."What's this obsession with nudity, have you no modesty, I didn't bring you up like that!" Well, it's not an obsession, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a sense relief, that I have learned not to fear that family or friends will be critical of my small penis or extra layers of fat.
         Let me just say here, to all who know me and whom may find themselves in my company during my final years on this planet, if you are at all uncomfortable with the real and uninhibited Chuck (or schmuck) that I have evolved into....just say so and I will be more than happy to keep my pants on, or my towel wrapped around me.

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