Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Presidential Intelligence

        I am so glad that I have lived long enough to witness true intelligence occupying the position of "Leader of the Free World." I watched much of the 9/16/15 press conference this morning and am impressed with the thoughtfulness, choice of words, deep understanding of a rainbow of issues, displayed by "44"...not Willie McCovey, Barack H Obama.
        President Carter had his moments as did Clinton. Daddy Bush had his best moment when he puked on the Prime Minister of Japan, forever changing the momentum of the Japanese economy (there are spiritual/samurai economists who actually believe this). Mr. Obama has remained healthy and has maintained his sense of humor in spite of numerous obstacles thrown in his path since he assumed office (twice).
         I am not saying that President Obama hasn't been jerked around by special interests, he knows where his financial support comes from, but he is incredibly aware of America's influence, affluence and arrogance on the world stage. His terms in office have shown us how 'balance of power' works in our federal governmental structure. Which actually is a relief because there are no truly intelligent candidates out there on the horizon.
         I have read both of Barack Obama's books and I was excited to see what he could do to humanize the process by which we are governed. I was also looking forward to the change of perspective he would encourage among the Europeans we discuss politics with every time we travel. I am not sure any of this "change" ever came about but he gave it a decent shot...only time will tell. I am disappointed with congress and the judicial branches of government for always leaning toward their most conservative factions. They squashed "hope" at every turn and intersection.
        So, how does this set us up for the next eight years? I only see us going backwards at an accelerated pace. My backwards may be someone else's forward but, I don't see the country,  or the world improving through political actions. We have peaked...peak everything! I'm sorry for the young people who have had their secure future stolen from them by the greedy generations that preceded them.

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  1. Great comments... Our Kids and Grandkids will have some big challenges ahead, for sure... Turn off politics until late summer of 2016 everyone!