Friday, May 6, 2016

Two Women Passing The Bicycle Shop

         It's waaay too easy to get into trouble these days. A pair of overlarge women were walking by the bicycle shop just as I was rolling the fleet in for the day (A ritual that I have performed for over 22 years), Both were smoking and trying real hard not to look at me or my colorful array of cycles....          Here's where I possibly went wrong, I dared say, "Afternoon ladies, looks like it's going to rain." The shorter one snapped, "We are not into bicycles!" I answered, "I knew that." There was a slight pause before she hollered, "What did you mean by that?"           Rude comebacks flashed through my head but, I calmly explained, "Usually people who are into bicycles aren't smoking and they look at a row of beautiful bikes." (Instead of, "You don't look like bicyclists"...or, "you look more like coal powered oil tankers than cyclists.") No,  I was pleasant ..."No offense intended." I cowered...."We will never come into your store." she finished. Awww geez......what's a merchant to do?

1 comment:

  1. Here's my take on this. These women have been judged for being overweight and smoking in the past. Therefore, they expected to be judged. No matter what was said to them they would have reacted the same. pss... they were judging you!