Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lovin' The Feedback

       I get more than my share of positive feedback...from family, friends and customers. I am always appreciative. People don't have to take the time to tell me that I've "done good", but they do. I stick my neck out there quite often...were they asking for advice or, did I just throw it out there?
       A customer named Don came in this morning, "Chuck,  I just wanted to tell you, I came in here a couple of years ago and I was complaining about my old man aches and stopped me in my tracks and said, "You need Glucosamine and Chondroitin." Whoa, what a difference. I'm going to be a young man forever. Thanks."
        Now, I hear from my youngest sibling that he is feeling limited by his aches and I tell him my secret? I don't think he has ever taken my advise on any other subject....David, you need a regular/ daily dose of Glucosamine...take it religiously (which I think is the way he takes everything) and don't doubt it's effectiveness. After building my own house...from the ground up...I was dealing with many nagging aches and pains. I was only 41 years old...this was 26 years ago. A handful of things have helped me reach a ripe age with a minimum of pain...Glucosamine, cardio-vascular exercise and good shoes (possibly morning coffee and a nightly ale have helped too).

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  1. You're look'en good, Chuck! Whatever the heck it is you're doing!