Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The neighbor kid comes into the shop and says, "My mom says you guys are Naturalists."
Ever since we moved to this conservative village, twenty-five years ago, we've been known as "the earthy ones" or "earthy types". I think it started with me wearing Birkenstocks to my teaching job at the high school. Believe it or not, in this town these labels are not considered compliments but, rather are attached with disdain...even scorn.
She was waiting for my response...looking me right in the eye. "Well, ya...I've been called worse. We believe in a scientific explanation for what is going on with the planet", I explained. I know that this family believes that the explanation for all earthly phenomena has to do with God and that the Christian Bible explains all.
"So, is that why you like to lay on the deck naked and swim nude?" This question caught me off guard. I thought we were talking about Naturalists, not naturists. "Somebody has been peeping through the trees." I said, with a slight smile. She turned bright red and started to turn away. "It's not a bad thing." I said unapologetically. "I know that!" she snapped, as she headed to the door of the bike shop.

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