Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Done Preaching, What Do I Know, Anyhow?

      I'm back from a quadrennial visit to my "mother-region"...SW Michigan (that part of the hand that you always scuff when you fall off your bicycle). All of my friends and relatives were so gracious, kind and avoided mentioning that I was not a great representation of perfect health and fitness even though,  I have spent the last four decades preaching and haranguing them about fitness, food and healthy living. So, yea...I'm done with that least toward family.
      When I encourage you to walk or pedal or swim through the landscape in the future, it has nothing to do with weight or fitness. I think you should partake in these activities for the pure joy of movement...through the fresh air and soothing liquid that we often take for granted on planet Earth...and for the pure satisfaction of having generated your own energy and propulsion through the environment around you. This doesn't mean that I'm giving up preaching about fitness to everyone else who'll listen....I am after all in the business of selling tools for fitness.
       Somebody has to do it... "health is our number one asset". You can have the biggest house on the lake, the slickest car and the fastest boat on the water...but, if you don't have a healthy or capable are living in a certain kind of poverty. Humans take so much for granted, until... it slips away. It's not all about the physical state of well-being...the mind too must be exercised. My mother reminded me that this is why we should write as often as each other, to the public and sometimes to ourselves. Write it down, your thoughts, your plans and your interpretation of what's going on in the world around you...exercise for your mind.
       Oh shit, here I go...imparting more advise than anyone ever asked for....bicycles, books, baseball and big hugs... back to the things we share...the events that put big smiles in our hearts.  Ok, I guess this is just who I am...the guy who thinks he "knows".

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