Saturday, July 13, 2013

Card Carrying Golden Eagle

        When it comes to blog entries, I missed my favorite month of June. A wonderfully busy beginning to my 64th year on the Big Blue Ball. You qualify for the National Parks Golden Eagle pass when you've survived 62 years on the planet...I'm a little slow at cashing in on the perks, like college scholarships, small business loans or various tax write-offs. At the risk of sounding like Frank Sinatra, let me just say..."I did it my way. "
         I have additional responsibilities that have taken away from my blogging....1,000 sq. ft. of vegetable garden and six golden chickens. This is the dry time of year so, I must stay extra vigilant, water the garden twice a day and tend to the chickens at least that addition to walking the dog.              The easy thing to put off is the personal exercise requirement...which is why the Golden Eagle pass is so important. We love to ride our bicycles through the Lassen Volcanic National least one day a week.
          Living in the land of very precise seasons is a real have to keep a schedule throughout the year....get the firewood in, garden while you can, enjoy the lake while you can, run around naked during the warm months,  dress warm and light a fire in the woodstove.... making sure the pipes don't freeze for at least six months of the year.  Chores and weather schedules...providing scale and memorable mileposts for your life and everyone around you. There are always interesting stories to share with your friends and neighbors when you are living in the land of four seasons, especially in the mountains.
         I tried the "California of minimal seasons" either rained or it didn't (two possible seasons), it was either blistering hot or foggy (two more possible seasons) ...and I felt pretty smug about living in these conditions (and not in the Upper Midwest) for the first ten years of being a California resident. Then at 35 years old, I realized that life scoots by way too fast when you don't have to worry about your vulnerable pipes. The necessity of taking care of yourself, your loved ones and the mechanical workings of your house is always can seldom use cruise control, lay on the couch and fritter away time by watching TV.
         This is why I'll never "retire"...I can rest when I'm the meantime, I want to keep moving,  climbing hills,  preparing for the next season and enjoying the many freedoms that I've allowed myself while operating in what I'll call, "the weather zone of challenge and intensity" here in the mountains of the North American West.

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  1. You're really almost there, Chuck... That is "retired". You do have a Golden Eagle Pass, you know. "Retired" is badly defined by most. Late getting up in the morning, early to bed at night, eating and drinking too much, and not getting enough exercise is the rap I hear all the time. I don't tell people much about being retired, now that I'm in that zone. You have much more freedom to do what and when. I've had many people say to me, that when they get to retire, they are going to go through my Facebook pages all over again!