Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Simple Man, I Really Am.

       I am not complicated...a regular customer brought her bike in the shop for air today, she said "Wow, you are growing a moustache again." She thought it made me look more "complicated". I laughed, because I am simple, predictable, reliable, consistent...how does a moustache make me complicated?
       Facial hair, it just happens, I'm not sure why. From age 20 through age 40 I let my facial hair do it's own thing...kind of wiry and random, I didn't care what others thought. I shaved for my wedding, we got married for the older folks anyhow, in a small white Methodist Chapel...then I "let it fly" for another six years or so.
        My wife/partner of 37 years really never cared one way or the other, but this morning she said, "What's that dirt, on your upper lip." That nearly caused me to shave it off...ah, what the hell, I want to see what color it turns out to be...too much grey, I might cut it off. I've never been a "primper", in fact, I'm not very fond of mirrors or razors or deodorants or hair wax. I guess that makes me caveman-like...not very civilized.
       I do work well with the public, so maybe I don't smell too bad. At 40, my motivation to cut it off (to be clean-shaven) had everything to do with how close I could get my naked skin to my baby boys'...cheek to cheek with your little one is a precious sensation. Now, he's the one with facial-hair.      
       I haven't figured out if "more complicated" is a good thing or a bad thing...she really didn't let on. I'll guess that it's not a good thing. We all quest for a simpler day-to-day encounters with each other (and especially with the people we do business with). I do like being simple, predictable, reliable and consistent...what you see is what you get!

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