Monday, November 27, 2017

Blagnac Blog Block in Burbank

        SoCal...a different world. Not Baja or Costa Rica or Cancun but warm and comfortable and the natives are friendly. We have developed patterns that have made these family visits mighty rewarding. Starting with hugs, even the dog stands for the family hugs. We normally keep shopping and freeway driving and social amusements at a minimum...driving down to the car wash is our "big event".
         We have a private pool and sunning deck for our vitamin D enrichment and hydro-therapy. We eat fresh and healthy. We do a considerable amount of gardening and house maintenance.   We inject humor and enjoy laughing every chance we get. Foothill surfing with bikes and boots is part of our daily regimen. Our fellow walkers and cyclists are courteous and surprisingly friendly...even the blower-holding yard workers show us respect.
        Shouldn't we be flying off to Blagnac with our skinny bikes this time of year? We actually only afford a vacation every other year...our obligations and limited funds keep us within the borders of California. It's all good, not a horrible imprisonment like you might think. We adore several corners of the Golden State ...our ongoing "good roads" research has taken over forty years and should continue for many more. Is There another book "in the works"?  The answer is yes, there is always another book in the works.

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