Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Shorter Days

        I continue to show up for work, (75% of success is due to the act of....) however, I am less 'into it' than in previous years. My wife is retired now and she constantly asks, "Wouldn't you rather go on a hike or ride your bike? " Well, of course I would. This next Spring will begin our 24th year as an independent Main St. business. The next time one of my wealthy customers says, "I would love to have a little bike shop in the mountains." I'll throw up a price. We'll see what happens. SF Bay area people are selling one bedroom/ fifty-year old bungalows for $600,000....or more.  
        Follow your passion. Own a business in a mountain, buildings, awesome name, on Main St. in the Sierra/ Cascade region of California for $600,000,  plus inventory. I need to work on the sales pitch a little but as P.J. says in the movie 'Angels In The Outfield' "It could happen."... Some "angel" refugee from the urban craziness 200 miles south of here may read my blog. When you've nursed a Main Street business from infancy into a responsible 23 year old, you know it's getting near time to "let go ". I love him/her still and it will always be part of me....but, just possibly, it's time to wander.

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  1. Whoa! I love your writings. The last two sentences. When you sell the shop it will be sad yet sweet at the same time. Good Luck and hold out for the highest bidder! Someone will be lucky to get such a sweet spot on Main Street!