Saturday, July 21, 2018

How To Be Free Of Clothing

        It's not as difficult as you think...and I don't care what you say, there are times when it is absolutely appropriate. There is no need to make anyone else uncomfortable...pick your moments and celebrate the freedom to be unencumbered and enjoy the breeze. As an outdoor expression you must be careful to pick your locations wisely. Indoors and at home only the family needs to be in agreement...nudity is not a terrible thing. Open and honest and stress-free, we are who we are and and we are judgement-free. The home Spa helps tub and sauna allow for and encourage family casual nudity. Lake bagging is one of our favorite family pursuits.
        Seeking out remote bodies of water and immersing fully (sans costume) has been one of our main activities for over forty years. When you arrive home sweaty and grimy one of the first things you do is jump in the is another opportunity...don't be so quick to get re-dressed on exiting the stall... drip dry and cool off before looking for your pajamas. Not surprisingly, there are many homes that operate under this is only necessary when there are guests. I know, some people really love their clothing but really, even when it's ninety degrees?

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  1. Nailed it again, Bodfish! I come after some long road(bike)rides; strip down and go stand under the hose in my back yard! Still cycling in the summer and playing in the garden hose. A bit different approach now, than the Stingray bike days of my youth, and running through the sprinklers, but equally important to do.
    Mental and physical health is still mental and physical health.
    Thanks for the reminder and the affirmation~