Saturday, December 29, 2018

But Hey, I Still Like This Job

        I made an announcement on my shop fb page a couple weeks ago that I am willing to sell the bicycle shop, or a portion thereof, so that I can go out in the world self-propelled on two wheels far more often than I presently do. I'm in no hurry to get this done.
        I really like my job, even after twenty-five years of smelling tire rubber and TriFlow (bananas). I've had a few offers (everybody wants a bargain) and they are not even close. I have 400K in inventory and real property here. Nurturing the name and reputation for 45 years and running a business that has always been "in the black" has to be worth that much again. Oh well, someone will come along that understands the true value of a low footprint, Quiet Mtn Sports, cycling promotional enterprise like Bodfish Bicycles.
        Even though my only child is off conquering and video-recording fun and fabulous events around the planet,  he may, one day crave the smell of Indonesian produced rubber. I really can't give this creation away. Do you know how many thousands of people have attempted to start and maintain a bicycle oriented business over the last twenty-five years and failed? Many more than have been successful.
        The other option, besides selling, is to just work the hours that I want to work, the days that I want to work. the months that I want to work...and go ride my bicycle when I want to. The customers, they will adjust and be thankful for the times that I am here.
        The suppliers actually care less about 'brick and mortar' stores than they ever have (while they still have a usable internet) but,  they need us to make sense of the local cycling scene, we do an incredible amount of interpretive work that you won't find on YouTube.  Cycle shops are seeing a big increase in bicycle set-ups with cables routed in a cattywampus direction, forks on backward, wheels improperly installed and brakes that have little chance of stopping one in an emergency. We don't just sell bicycles and parts for bicycles, we perform miracles every week...and our customers tell us this.


  1. Have you considered an “older” highly qualified, passionate about the business guy to work when you want to play?