Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Another Hurdle Crossed...

We both had positive reports from our oncologists to start May 2021. Another year guaranteed. This is big. I am ready to sell the bicycle shop that I birthed (and nurtured) 27 years ago. I'm not going to give it away but I do agree with my darling wife, it's time to move on. I keep telling her that the perfect person is going to walk through the door (soon) and say, "I want it and I am willing to pay what you are asking." I was sure that the property, inventory and reputation were worth a million dollars, a decade ago. However, now I'll settle for half of that. Bodfish Bicycles and Quiet Mountain Sports in a precious community where the water is perfect and plentiful and the swimming is perfect. I've been told that I should hire a real estate broker and promote the possibilities to exhausted and fearful urban folk. I insist that passing of this baton will happen naturally and without undue pressure and negotiations. I am quite naive about business transactions and the overall honesty of persons interested in cycling and working on bikes...especially those who are skilled at working a wheel on the truing stand (this meditative activity clears the mind and reaches down to a person's authentic core...reassuring that honesty is always the best policy). We will "pass it on" so that this essential service will continue indefinitely for those propelling themselves with their own god-given bodily ability.

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