Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What Country Are You From?

        Over the last 68 years my mother has wondered outloud, "What century are you living in? and, What country are you from?" I'll admit, I am unusual. I've never been turned-on by fishing or golf or car racing and I have zero feelings about football...American or European. I've noticed that these activities are going on around me but, I am not a fan.
        I've never wanted to jump out of airplanes, off a bridge when attached to a bungee cord or a cliff with a nylon kite strapped to my back....and most surprising, I suppose... I never wanted to be RICH. I haven't eaten red meat for several decades and I like strong ales better than watery lagers. I wish for higher gasoline prices and I cheer on higher taxes. I'd rather wear shorts than long pants and when on the edge of a body of fresh matter how cold...I'd rather jump in wearing nothing at all.
       America is wasteful, nervous and moving too fast...people don't think before they leap...we worship idiots. I'm not that proud to be an American. I really never like wearing red, white and blue clothing together, on the same day. I find WAR disagreeable, unnecessary and disgusting. I wish my hard-earned money never supported it. In my lifetime America has not improved any situation around the world by "going to war." Yet, my money and friends have been sacrificed in the name of WAR.
        I actually enjoy driving and I have liked a couple of my automobiles more than a little, however, I am appalled at the number of lives that have been lost or permanently disfigured because of our habitual use and misuse of these powerful metal boxes...and to think of how much land we have scabbed-over to accommodate these cancer-spewing contraptions....all just in the last one hundred years!

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  1. I think your mom has a lot of good things to say these days... time to listen to her a bit more while you can. She's a lovely lady! And... that doesn't mean that you have to really do what she says... just listen to her! In addition to this, I think you might want to try golf and fly fishing sometime. It's outside and can be enjoyable with friends. Learn to prepare and fry fish you catch. Fish are pretty good for you and bluegills taste great. On the subject of America, it's a heck of a lot better than most countries today, believe me! We fly the American flag on the front of our garage. You know I'm a believer and I'm looking forward to the future. I totally agree with you on jumping out of planes! If you don't want to listen to me, at least make sure you listen to your mom!